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What is The Kid's Party Hustle?

Hi there! 

I see you. You’re a creative woman with a big dream. You’re running (or would like to run) a talked-about, joy-filled business in the Children’s Party Industry.

It feels like you spend so much of your time behind the scenes, or on social media, and you are just not making enough money for all the hours (and energy) you’re putting in. You also reinvest a lot of your profits back into your business.

You know there HAS to be a better way.

Hi I’m Brinie and I have been EXACTLY where you are – 10 years ago in fact.

At the age of 30 I quit my career as a corporate lawyer and started nannying for friends while building my own Children’s Entertainment Company.

I soon realised that all the generic business advice out there was not suitable for the Children’s Party Industry and caused more headaches than it helped!

I rolled up my sleeves, got real with myself, and rebuilt my business (ignoring all the fads). I started applying all the timeless business knowledge I had gained through my business and law degrees and tweaked, where needed, to suit this industry.

Within a year I had created a streamlined business that allowed me to generate 6 figures in sales a year (including recurring revenue) and manage a team of 10 all while working 3 days, and bringing money into my family home (and not taking a booking myself). 

Today, through my products, courses and coaching (and with a dash of my enthusiastic, motivational but efficient coaching style), I help women just like you build sustainable businesses in the party Industry that mums RAVE about. (Because word of mouth is essential right?!)

Would you like to know what it feels like to be in control over your Party Biz?

If it’s a “oh yes please”! Then there are 3 ways I can help you:

Here is how I can help you


Bite size digital products designed to help you solve the more common biz problems in this industry. Learn at your own pace with my digital products.


Sick of dabbling? Ready to dive in and get your joy-filled party business off the ground?
"Booked out in 6 weeks"


My 3 month, high touch, group coaching experience that gives you the straightforward steps to turn your creative calling into a booming business.

Who this is for

The Kid’s Party Hustle is for passionate and creative business owners (side hustlers or full timers)  who love what they do! If your business serves the Children’s Party Industry, and you want to learn how to grow it fast, then you’ve come to the right place.

  • Entertainment Companies;
  • Children’s Entertainers;
  • Face Painters;
  • Event Stylists;
  • Princess Companies;
  • Grazing Businesses;
  • Cake & Cookies Makers;
  • Balloon Twisters;
  • Balloon Stores;
  • Party Venues;
  • TeePee Businesses;
  • Party Rental Companies;
  • Fairy Floss Carts;
  • Party Planners

Join me each week as I simplify an area of business that I know is driving you crazy! (because it used to drive ME crazy!)

  • Short episodes designed to move you forward;
  • Hand selected guests who add to your knowledge;
  • Bite sized, Biz Education for creatives!

About Me

Hi I’m Brinie, a zumba loving, slightly competitive, chatterbox from the south coast of NSW, Australia. 

I spent the better part of a decade growing a creative business in my local area (that allowed me to still be at home with my babies when I wanted). 

Now I am obsessed with helping creative business owners grow fun and profitable businesses (without burning out!) I honestly love everything about the world of small business. The hardest part is doing it by yourself.

My mission is to show as many creatives as possible how to grow businesses that make money and are nice and easy to run (I LOVE making business simple.) 

Client love

Before I started working with Brinie I was looking for someone to help me with clarity on how to move forward. I was wanting to create a legitimate business that was doable, profitable and not overwhelming. I knew if I could just make that happen I would feel relieved! But also so much more confident.

Before working with Brinie I had a lack of time and lack of knowledge along with a lack of clarity on where to focus my attentions. If I had continued trying to do it by myself,  I would probably have burnt out and still be floundering in a jumbled mess.

I often have hesitations about getting help and not knowing if a service is right for my specific business, or worth it financially. But I had no qualms at all about signing up straight away with Brinie who knows what it’s like working in the party world and the pace is perfect for what I need and very affordable.

I have felt so relieved knowing that someone has my back. Someone who knows what I’m trying to achieve and has the skills and knowledge to help me and in such a genuine and supportive way. I have much more clarity now and my confidence improves every time we meet!

I highly recommend Brinie’s genuine and relatable style. Her passion for what she does shines through which is infectious.

I’m excited to keep going and make something of this little passion of mine.

Just wanted to say a big thanks to Brinie. The marketing and skills learned here have improved my business already. And with the new skills learned, I was able to sign a lease to create a children’s entertainment venue!

Karla Jacob

Before working with Brinie there were a few months where I was just working around the clock, 20 hour days, sleeping at the shop. A good 90 hour week. I was in the trenches and I didn’t actually believe that anyone else could do it but me. I had 5 or 6 ways people could order from me and my customers only ever wanted to deal with me personally.

After working with Brinie I now employ eight people. I have put in place boundaries and people can now only ring or order online. I see some of the names ordering online and I’m so proud to see how far we have come!

I’ve done many courses over the 15 years, but they were big names and I always thought they didn’t understand my industry. It was watching how Brinie changed her own children’s entertainment business, and then moving into business coaching that made me realise that it actually was possible to take control of my business! I trusted her because she had been in this industry.

I am definitely more in the frame of mind now that I am a real business owner. A more conscious business owner. 

The business is still chaotic (that’s the nature of the industry) but it’s organised chaos

I have been a part of Brinie’s membership since September of 2020 and I don’t know where I would be without her.  Brinie has given me the confidence to get out there and market myself in respectable ways and the knowledge of how to run a “good” business.

One things that I enjoy the most about the membership is that I get to have somebody to bounce all of my ideas off … I really have benefited from having somebody who’s been there and done that. She has also turned the most scary sounding tasks into the easiest thing in the entire world.

That’s the other thing about Brinie, she’s not going to let you pay for her program and not make sure that you’re keeping up the work! 

I can honestly say that Brinie has really changed the way that I do business – Thank you Brinie!

ROYAL KIDS PARTIES, Orange County, California